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Welcome to the South Tama County Community Schools – located in the heart of the Midwest, in central Iowa – where we educate more than 1600 students from the communities of Chelsea, Montour, the Meskwaki Settlement, Tama, Toledo and Vining- helping our children grow into confident, capable adults.

With a strong Meskwaki, Hispanic, and Czech presence, our students, staff, and community benefit from having a strong cultural heritage and are also reaping the benefits of participating in a diverse learning environment. Our students bring with them a wealth of experiences and knowledge which adds value to the learning environment.

South Tama County Community Schools offers a broad range of academic programs, extended learning opportunities, and extracurricular activities for our students.

Our staff is dedicated, talented, and committed to excellence. Our mission is to provide a rich academic, student-centered education that results in success for all learners. We educate all of our students and are committed to educating them well. Together we are committed to providing a powerful learning community where every student experiences success, every day. Our aim is high as we embrace the responsibility we have to provide the highest quality education for our students.

Goal 1:  Demonstrate increased academic student achievement in all core areas as measured by the ITBS/ITED, MAP, and other State level criteria

Goal 2:  Immerse students and staff in a technology-rich learning environment (climate and culture)

Goal 3:  Focus on effective communication with all South Tama County Community Schools stakeholders

Goal 4:  Develop and implement a multi-year facility plan  

Superintendent Updates

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