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Section 504 Plan

Section 504 sets minimum standards for providing related services and aids to students with disabilities that substantially limits a major life activity. All accredited Iowa schools must comply with Section 504. Section 504 applies to elementary and secondary education, preschool and adult education, and private education.

School 504 Contact — A School 504 contact is generally a student service or general education staff member appointed by the principal to coordinate school-based 504 efforts including convening the 504 team, ensuring accommodations are implemented and providing outreach to parents of 504 students with disabilities.

Substantial Limitation — A substantial limitation means an individual is substantially limited in the performance of a major life activity as compared to most people in the general population.

Section 504 Parent Handbook

Section 504 Parent Handbook-Spanish version

South Tama County School - Section 504 Guideline Manual 504 Manual

The following are typeable documents.  Please download the document, save as the 504 student's name as the name of the document, and fill out the form.  Remember to save as a PDF when you finish. If you do not follow these steps then the information will not be saved.