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Section 504 Plan

Section 504 sets minimum standards for providing related services and aids to students with disabilities that substantially limits a major life activity. All accredited Iowa schools must comply with Section 504. Section 504 applies to elementary and secondary education, preschool and adult education, and private education.

School 504 Contact — A School 504 contact is generally a student service or general education staff member appointed by the principal to coordinate school-based 504 efforts including convening the 504 team, ensuring accommodations are implemented and providing outreach to parents of 504 students with disabilities.

Substantial Limitation — A substantial limitation means an individual is substantially limited in the performance of a major life activity as compared to most people in the general population.

South Tama County School - Section 504 Guideline Manual 504 Manual

Section 504

Free Appropriate Public Education

American with Disabilities Act and the Amendment Act to ADA

Mitigating Circumstances

Comparison of Special Education and Section 504

Comparison of Individual Health Plans and Section 504

Administration of Section 504

School District Compliance Requirements

Section 504 District Contact

Roles and Responsibilities for District Section 504 Coordinator

Roles and Responsibilities for Building Administrator/Coordinator

Roles and Responsibilities for Building 504/ADA Lead Contact

Roles and Responsibilities for Building 504 Team

Roles and Responsibilities for Ad Hoc Members

Discrimination as defined by Section 504

504 Eligibility, Accommodation, and/or Services

Section 504 Definition of Disability

Definition of Mental and Physical Impairment

Definition of Major Life Activities

Points of Emphasis and Clarification

Role of Parents

Role of Teachers

Overview of the 504 Identification, Evaluation, and Placement Process

Specifics on Identification of Students with Disabilities

Evaluation (Eligibility Determination)

Specifics of an Accommodation Plan

District Specific Section 504 Protocol

Extracurricular Activities

Student Discipline

Student Records

Setting Concerns and Disputes

Support for Accommodation Request (SAR) Form

Closure to Section 504

Section 504 Resources

Section 504 District Checklist

Section 504 Student Checklist

Section 504 Notification Letter to Parents

Section 504 Student and Parental Rights

A Parent’s Guide to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 Authorization for the Release of Health and/or Educational Information

Section 504 Eligibility Determination Form

Section 504 Teacher Input

Section 504 Student Accommodation/Service Plan

Section 504 Annual Review

Section 504 Manifest Determination Evaluation

Section 504 Manifestation Determination Evaluation Results

Support for Accommodation Request (SAR)