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New Report Cards for 2013-2014

posted Apr 4, 2014, 9:59 AM by Web Coordinator   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 9:59 AM ]

We have redesigned our report cards this year!  We are excited about how report cards are more specific to skills and expectations for each grade level and are consistent from grade to grade.  We want to ensure our students meet the rigor of the Iowa Core Curriculum and design interventions for students who are finding difficulty in reaching grade level expectations or need to be challenged beyond grade level expectations. 

There will no longer be letter grades for students in grades 3-5.  All grades K-5 will be using the same reporting scale with specific grade level expectations and skills.  We feel this better inform students and parents the strengths your student has as well as areas/skills that your child still needs to improve in.

Here is the reporting scale all grade levels will be using:

3+  = Student exceeds end of year grade level expectations.  (These will be rare in occurrence and only for students who have mastered and can apply the skills in new situations.)

3   = Student meets end of year grade level expectations independently and consistently.  (Please note that this is “end of year” expectation.  Your child has all school year to master this skill, so a 3 at the beginning of the year is not expected for most skills.)

2  = Student is making progress towards end of year grade level expectation.  (You should expect to see lots of 2’s towards the beginning of the year.  If your child is on track and making progress for end of year expectations, it is anticipated that he/she will master these skills by the end of the year.  Remember:  2’s are good for the first 3 quarters!)

1  = Student is showing limited or no progress towards end of year grade level expectation.  (This is a concern area that you will want to discuss with your child’s teacher.  Your child’s teacher and yourself will need to provide additional support and instruction in this area with your child to help your child meet end of year expectations.)

NA = Skill was not assessed at this time.  (This simply means that this skill area was not tested yet by the teacher, but will be before the end of the year.)

Our goal for the new report cards are to communicate clear expectations and targeted skills that your child exceed in or need additional support with.  Please ask questions or share comments and suggestions with your child’s teacher and/or the principals as we make this transition.