Seventh Grade Core Class Criteria

*Mrs. Stotts - 7th literacy - Students must receive a 90% average for first semester and third quarter.  Students must also document 2000 pages of free reading through book talks before the last day of 3rd quarter.

*Mr. Klopping - 7th Grade math - Students must earn an A (90% or above) first semester and third quarter and have no missing assignments.

*Mr. Staff - 7th grade science - Students must earn an A first semester and third quarter. Students must create a bulletin board about a scientist showing his/her discoveries and significance to the science world.

*Mr. Kuhter - 7th grade social studies - Students can qualify for an Academic Award by being chosen as the AAUW 'Young Woman of the Year' in 7th Grade Social Studies, winning the classroom version of the Geography Bee, being accepted into the 7th Grade Geography Hall of Fame (name all 40 of the 'essential countries', or maintaining a classwork average of 96% or higher for the first three quarters of the 2019-20 academic year.