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South Tama Community Schools Superintendent Finalists

posted Apr 3, 2018, 9:35 AM by Web Coordinator   [ updated Apr 3, 2018, 9:37 AM ]

The South Tama  Community School District completed a stakeholder survey, with responses from students, teachers, support staff, parents, community members, administrators, and alumni.  The results conveyed clear desired qualifications for the new superintendent position, which include:


                    •       Builds school and community relations
                    •       Visible in the school and community
                    •       Strong instructional leadership
                    •       Effectively manages district resources
                    •       Approachable and open-minded
                    •       Follows through on tasks/ responsibilities

The candidate pool included 12 total applicants.  Two candidates were from outside the state of Iowa, six candidates had superintendent experience, and six candidates had an Ed.D. or Ph.D. degree.

Based on application materials, references, and screening interviews the following finalists have been named who best fit the desired qualifications for the position:


Dr. John Chalstrom-Dr. Chalstrom  has been a superintendent at Cherokee Community Schools, was the CFO for Sioux City Community Schools, and currently is a project coordinator for Allen Gray Associates, Boston, MA.  Dr. Chalstrom has strong financial skills and has been an active member of his community through  Rotary and church.  He was also a lobbyist for Sioux City Schools and Iowa Association of School Boards and IFRS.  He has proven leadership experience and is able to work with all stakeholders to promote the school district.

Dr. Jared Smith-Dr. Smith is the current principal at Muscatine.  He has experience in Waterloo and Fort Dodge as an assistant principal for those high schools.  Dr. Smith is known as a “culture builder” and a collaborative leader.  He has been involved in several bond issues in the districts that he has served.  Jared has proven leadership in improving student achievement with a focus on improving programs and addressing equity issues.

Mr. Tim Salmon-Mr. Salmon is currently serving as the K-6 principal and superintendent for United Community School District in Boone.  His prior experience was serving as an elementary principal for Johnston Schools.  He is people-oriented leader who is collaborative with all district stakeholders.  Mr. Salmon has lead his district’s professional development regarding  John Hattie’s work on Student Feedback and has had impressive results. 

These finalists will be invited for formal interviews at South Tama Community Schools on Tuesday, April 10 .  Various district and community stakeholders will be included in the formal interview process to provide the South Tama School Board feedback about the candidate’s qualifications and fit for the position.