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STCHS: PBIS Students of the Month (Jan)

posted Feb 2, 2016, 6:48 AM by Web Coordinator
For the month of January the STCHS staff and the PBIS committee recognizes Danielle Stubbs and Lane Koch for being respectful, responsible, ready, and successful students.

Lane Koch, 10th grade
Parents: Seth & Alice Koch
Activities Involved In: Baseball, Basketball, Football, 4-H & County Council

Lane's teacher's said about him:  

"Lane is kind to everyone and helpful when others wouldn't take the time. Lane is a great role model to his peers and encourages others to work hard and do their best."

"Lane is a natural leader in my classroom and through upholding the PBIS standards, he has set a positive tone for my classroom. He immediately gets to work when instructions are given, and helps others be successful as well."

Danielle Stubbs, 12th grade
Parents: Dan & Michelle Stubbs
Activities Involved In: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, & Softball

Danielle's teachers said about her: 

"Dani works very hard to stay on top of her school work and put her best effort into her activities as well. She encourages others and works to cheer other students up."

"Dani has continued to be a good role model in my study hall for the underclassmen. She regularly reminds them that it’s important to care about school even when they feel like it won't end any time soon. I have also watched her reach out with empathy and compassion toward overwhelmed sophomores dealing with school drama. Recently, she was reminding a girl that it's the quality of the friendships that she has that are important, not the number of friends. I thought this was a mature and valuable lesson for her to be sharing."