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STCHS: PBIS Students of the Month (March)

posted Apr 6, 2016, 2:27 PM by Web Coordinator
For the month of March the STCHS staff and the PBIS committee recognizes Payton Whitebreast, Josh Thiessen, Jazmine Otto, and Gloria Youngbear for being respectful, responsible, ready, and successful students.

Payton Whitebreast, 12th grade
Parents: Arlan & Crystal Whitebreast
Activities Involved In: Pride Club, Student Council, Girls Basketball Manager
Payton's teachers said about him: "Payton takes initiative to do things in class for me. He volunteers with the underclassmen to try and show them that being positive can help your class improve and as a teacher, I would have been totally lost with out his assistance and insight this year."

Josh Thiessen, 10th grade
Parents: Jeff & Darla Thiessen
Activities Involved In: Football, Wrestling
Josh's teachers said about him: "Josh is a role model for students for my younger students. He is ready and responsible in the respect that he always tries to demonstrate the positive aspects of what we are learning to others."

Jazmine Otto, 10th grade
Parents: Brian & Angie Otto
Activities Involved In: Choir
Jazmine's teachers said about her: "Jazmine has really improved her interpersonal relationships and communication with peers and staff."

Gloria Youngbear, 9th grade
Parents: Jeanette Youngbear
Activities Involved In: Soccer
Gloria's teacher's said about her: "Gloria is an excellent student and is very respectful towards others and teachers. She is always prepared for class. She gives eye contact during instructions and she listens. She is a model of what successful students do to succeed."