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STCHS: Teachers of the Month

posted Dec 7, 2015, 11:24 AM by Web Coordinator   [ updated Dec 7, 2015, 11:25 AM ]
For the month of November the STC High School Teacher of the Month award was given to Dixie Forcht. Dixie serves at the Media Integration Specialist and Teacher Librarian for both the High School and Middle School buildings and is also the director of the STC spring play. 

The STC staff and students that nominated Dixie had this to say about her:

She's always ready, and on time ready to help students, and she loves the fine arts and supports peoples intrest is theatre

Dixie has brought a lot to our Drama Department in my time being here. She is an amazing director who gets work done quickly and constructs wonderful shows. Dixie is an awesome supervisor for our yearly trips to Thespian Festival as well, offering advice and suggestions and contributes to everyone having a great time. Away from the stage, Dixie has helped me a long way through my PSEO hours, sending emergency emails to my professors and giving me advice for studying and test taking. I hope Dixie is given this award because she deserves to be recognized for her outstanding works in our district.

No matter what Dixie is doing, she is willing to help. She will do whatever is needed to be done for the students to be successful. For our online public speaking class, she comes in every other Sunday to help record, along with Tammy. Dixie helps with all libraries in need. She ran the middle school book fair. When she is stressed, Dixie is still very respectful to everyone.

She gathered and submitted 28 students on her "free time" to Thespians. She does not get any pay or compensation for this. She does this to get best out the kids.

For the month of October the STC High School Teacher of the Month award was given to Emily Chyma. Emily serves as a high school social studies teacher. Her classes include Sociology, Modern World History, Ancient World History, Contemporary US History, and AP United States History. Emily is also the 9th grade volleyball coach, basketball cheerleading coach, and Blue Crew sponsor.

The STC staff and students that nominated Emily had this to say about her:

Mrs. Chyma has showed dedication to the school and most importantly the student body. As a teacher she does whatever is possible to help a student when they are in need. Mrs. Chyma has also created bonds with many students and pushed them to their full potential.

If students are struggling with something, she makes sure to explain so that they understand it. Also she is nice.

Chyma is an amazing teacher. She's really nice, and if you ask her a question she usually has an answer. Sometimes she doubts herself but most of us know that she's a good teacher.

Mrs. Chyma deserved to be nominated because she is one of my favorite teachers. She is one of my favorite teachers because she is very nice and respectful, and she also makes classes more fun.
Really though, every time I turn around this woman is doing something else. She helped with the google training, helped start our leadership class, helps school spirit by breathing and example, etc. etc. 

She's a beast! She also gets that while we don't have time to chat, it's still important to be polite and acknowledge others. She greets me when she sees me. Not a biggie to most people, but to me I like just being noticed--I'm sure she does the same with our kids!

Going above and beyond to improve the appearance of the school and lift school spirit all year round. Also for all her work during homecoming week. 

For the month of September the STC High School Teacher of the Month award was given to Victoria Hamilton. Victoria serves as a Spanish teacher for grades 6-12. Her classes include Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as Exploratory Spanish for grades 6-8. Victoria is also the Diversity Club sponsor.

The STC staff and students that nominated Victoria had this to say about her:

Victoria is having to share a classroom and has been very respectful with the other teacher. This situation is not ideal , but Victoria is working through the sitaution in a postive manner.

Victoria is always positive, despite the stress that comes from going from building to building. I constantly hear her talking about new ideas to use with her students and I feel that she maintains both a fun and professional attitude with both students and staff.