7th/8th Exploratory Class Criteria

*Mrs. Wobeter - Family Consumer Science - Students must earn an A grade.  Students must also complete a poster project on an area of study in Family and Consumer Science or complete another approved project as agreed upon by student and teacher.

*Mr. DeBondt - Physical Education - Students must average a minimum of 96% for the first, second, and third quarter to be considered.  The top individual (or more, in case of a tie) with the highest percentage, per class period, will receive an award.  Behavior, attendance, sportsmanship, and class participation/involvement factor into that percentage.

*Mrs. McFate - 7th/8th Choir - Students must have an A for first semester and third quarter.  Students must also complete a public singing performance which will be recorded and shared with Mrs. McFate.  (Examples could include singing at a nursing home, church, sporting event, etc.)

*Mrs. Hammond - STEM - 98% average or higher

*Mrs. Hamilton - Spanish - 95% and above on final grade.

*Mrs. Forcht - 21st Century Tech - Average grade of an A and responsible use of technology.

*Mr. Doran - Art - Criteria includes skill, attitude, passion, and willingness to improve.  

*Mr. Carnahan - 7th/8th Grade Band - Regular lesson attendance, Honor Band recognition, attendance at all performances.