7th/8th Exploratory Class Criteria

*Mr. Volk - Writing Expo - Students must earn a final grade of 96% or above for all classwork.

*Mr. DeBondt - Physical Education - Students must average a minimum of 96% for the first, second, and third quarter.  Students must also keep a log of physical activity outside of school that is turned in monthly.

*Ms McFate - STEM - 98% average or higher

*Mrs. Hamilton - Spanish - 96% and no excused assignments (discounting substitutions).  No missing assignments.

*Mrs. Forcht - 21st Century Tech - Average grade of an A and responsible use of technology.

*Mr. Carnahan - 7th & 8th Grade Band - Selected to an Honor Band and/or showing leadership qualities in rehearsals and strong lesson attendance.

*Mrs. McFate - 7th & 8th Grade Choir - First semester and third quarter A and maintaining an A in fourth quarter.  Participates without being reminded.